A different way to enjoy a few hours of your holiday in Caorle is to visit the many towns near us, a territory rich with history, culture, arts and tradition.

We suggest you a couple of tips:
Portogruaro beautiful fortified Venetian city with its medieval palaces, museums, traditional restaurants and bars.

Concordia Sagittaria with its many Roman ruins that bring up memories of Julius Caesar who lived here for a period of time in order to arrange his descent in Rome.

Sesto al Reghena with its Antique Benedictine Abbey.

Another great city to visit is San Donà di Piave and its own Museum of Land Reclamation (Museum of Bonifica) with its traces that date back to the epic times of Land Reclamation that happened in our area but most of all with the section dedicated to the World War I and the battles that took place on the river Piave, this would be a good start for those who are passionate with history and who want to explore the many sites on this territory that all bore witness to those events.

If you love nature you will definitely enjoy visiting Brussa and its beach an incredible place that remained unspoiled, among the few on the Alto Adriatico Sea where you will have the chance to discover the beaches just as they were 100 years ago, with the pinewoods and dunes, stations for bird watching and the traditional fishermen cabin called ‘casoni’ that are still in use.

A true natural treasure situated only a few km away from the city. These are the places that Ippolito Nievo, Pierpaolo Pasolini and Ernest Hemingway once loved, who all wrote heartfelt words inspired by this unique and well preserved landscape.